About Us

Our Story

Bringing cohesion to our region, Wet Tropic Times produces informative, quality journalism that is unbiased and factual. The Wet Tropic Times (WTT) news provides a voice to regional community members and shares the stories of locals from all walks of life.

Wet Tropic Times strives to be recognised for in-depth reporting, political and cultural commentary, community values and regional coverage. In addition to the weekly print magazine every Friday, WTT are creating their own online footprint, with an engaged and active social media community and a mobile app soon to be launched. In print and digital media, Wet Tropic Times stands apart for their commitment to truth, accuracy, and community values.

Wet Tropic Times reports on the region’s local events, local political groups, local schools, and the local clubs. They cover news in Far North Queensland, from Babinda to Tully, Mission Beach to Ingham, and everything in between. 

Wet Tropic Times mission is to give the voice back to their community and build strong relationships across the Wet Tropic region. They believe that every day is important, and place great value on their staff, community, and region. They want to see their community members lives changed for the better.

We are Wet Tropic Times.

Our Team

Sari Hyytinen Owner, manager & journalist

Sari Hyytinen combines passion, creativity and an unwavering commitment to her local region that she brings to her work at Wet Tropic Times. Sari is strategic in continually planning the next steps for Wet Tropic Times and evolving the business to stay one step ahead of the game. Sari believes that there are always new opportunities and challenges to be pursued in the Wet Tropic region. She enjoys continually finding new ways to improve her business offering to best serve the community.

With a background as a therapeutic caseworker and coordinator for youth support, Sari is empathetic, open-minded and empowers those around her to reach their full potential. Sari takes the time to get to know people and their story, and invests where she sees potential. It is this love for storytelling and sharing peoples stories that she brings to Wet Tropic Times to deliver to the region.

Fun Fact: Sari has quite the creative flare, and away from work she can be found getting in touch with her inner artist, letting her hair down and having a good ol’ boogie, as well as getting outdoors in the sunshine and being active.

Clare Redfern Production

If you need a helping-hand to get in touch with your creative side, then Clare is your go-to girl! She brings words to life, creates professional and unique designs and is the mastermind behind the weekly production and layout of our Wet Tropic Times newspaper!

Sharon Andrews Reception / Administration

The woman behind the phone, Sharon takes care of all our reception and administration needs at Wet Tropic Times. She has the answer to 99% of our questions and is responsible for all the behind-the-scenes hard yards that keep our weekly production in rotation!