Tully, Lower Tully And Feluga

Local Area / Tully, Lower Tully And Feluga


The beautiful town of Tully is one of the wettest and greenest towns in Australia that is surrounded by bananas, sugar cane plantations, and world-heritage rainforest. Tully had the highest-ever annual rainfall in 1950 with 7,900mm of rain falling in the populated area. Tully competes for the title of Australia’s wettest town with Babinda annually. The town has a population of 2,390 people and is the banana heartland. Tully is named after the Tully River that was named in 1872 after William Alcock Tully. Lower Tully is a small rural town located in the Cassowary Coast Region having a tiny population of 79 people.


Feluga has a population of 251 people situated in a valley with high rainfall, with the land predominately being used for growing sugarcane. The town was established as a railway station in 1921 and is believed to be a named version of Palestinian place El Faluje, which was occupied by Australian Light Horse troops in 1917.


The Tully Gorge National Park offers recreational opportunities which include picnicking, camping, and hiking in stunning surroundings that showcase spectacular views.

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