Innisfail, Mourilyan, South Johnstone And Mundoo

Local Area / Innisfail, Mourilyan, South Johnstone And Mundoo


The Cassowary Coast’s biggest town is Innisfail, having a population of approximately 10,000 people; attracting people with its warm tropical climate and luscious green scenery. The major economic driver to the town is agriculture that has established sugar cane, banana, and tropical fruit industries that flourish. The town has a vast variety of shops that include retail outlets as well as government services and health and educational facilities. Natural attractions surround the town with Etty Bay, Cowley, and Kurrimine Beach, and Flying Fish Point just a brief drive away.


Mourilyan is located 10km south of Innisfail that was named by Captain John Moresby in 1872 after one of his officers, Lieutenant Mourilyan. The small rural town was established around the Mourilyan sugar mill that provided substantial employment for the town until it was destroyed in 2006 by Cyclone Larry. The Australian Sugar Industry Museum is the town’s main attraction containing and providing extensive sugar farming history and education. Mourilyan has a population of 571 people and is a gateway to the harbour, Etty Bay, and the exotic Paronella Park.


South Johnstone has a population of 413 people that was originally called Basilisk until 1954 when the town was renamed after the South Johnstone River. Mundoo has a population of 224 people and was named after the Mundoo Railway station named by the Queensland Railways department in 1919. The majority of the town is under sugar cane cultivation.

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