Ingham, Halifax, Lucinda And Forest Beach

Local Area / Ingham, Halifax, Lucinda And Forest Beach


Ingham was established in 1864, being the heart of the local sugar cane industry owning one of the largest sugar mills in Australia. Over half of the town’s population is of Italian descent and is often called “Little Italy”. There is an annual festival called the Australian-Italian Festival held in August which brings visitors to the town to be emersed with Italian culture, music, and cuisine. Ingham today is around an hour’s drive from Townsville offering vast green landscapes, produce, atmosphere and uniqueness. The town is the administrative centre for the Shire of Hinchinbrook and has a population of 4,357.


15km northeast of Ingham is the rural town of Halifax that is named after Halifax Bay, named by Lieutenant James Cook in 1770. The small sugar cane town which is in the Shire of Hinchinbrook situated on the Herbert River has a population of 462 people. Motorists travelling need to pass through Halifax to reach the seaside town of Lucinda, which is directly opposite the southern tip of Hinchinbrook Island. Lucinda’s pride and joy is the six-kilometre jetty that reaches far out into the Coral Sea, being the world’s largest bulk sugar loading facility that is so long it actually curves with the earth. The sleepy town has a population of 406 people being home to a vast range of marine life and is known for great fishing.


Forrest Beach (Allingham) is a great coastal town populated with 1,254 people. The town has a long sandy beach that overlooks Orpheus Island and the Palm Island Group. Visitors enjoy swimming and beach fishing at the beautiful beach that has ideal amenities. A 30-minute drive from Forrest Beach is Wallaman Falls, the longest sheer drop waterfall in Australia that falls an impressive 305 metres definitely worth a visit.

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