Cardwell, Kennedy And Murray Upper

Local Area / Cardwell, Kennedy And Murray Upper


The Coastal town of Cardwell on Rockingham Bay, was named after the prominent British politician Edward Cardwell who was at the time Secretary of State for the Colonies. Cardwell was proclaimed a town in 1864 and was the first settlement north of Bowen, now being home to 1,309 people. It was first chosen as a port for transporting livestock from an emerging inland pastoral industry. Special attractions Cardwell offers is the Cardwell Lookout, Spa Pools, and the Forest Drive. The town is the gateway to Hinchinbrook Island which is the largest Island National Park in Australia.


Kennedy is a coastal locality situated in the Cassowary Coast Region. The town was named after the Kennedy railway station and explorer Edmund Kennedy and has a population of 161 people. The coastal or eastern part of Kennedy is the Girramay National Park and areas in the west are part of the Cardwell State Forest.


The Murray River rises in Murray Upper, entering the Coral Sea at the neighbouring Bilyana. Most of the region is mountainous being within the national park with only a small area of land being used for the farming of sugarcane and bananas. The Murray Falls in the Girramay National Park is one of the prettiest and picturesque waterfalls in north Queensland that has crystal clear pools and sculpted rocks; that includes boardwalks, viewing platforms and walking tracks.

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