Babinda Region

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Babinda is a rural town that is located 60 kilometres south of Cairns, lying in the shadow of Queensland’s two highest mountains: Mt Bellenden Kerr (1593m) and Mt Bartle Frere (1622m) located in the World Heritage-listed Wooroonooran National Park. The town’s appeal is displayed in the rainforest on the edge of the mountains with the popular attraction ‘the Babinda Boulders’ on Babinda Creek; where natural pools are filled with large granite boulders in the creek bed. The town has a unique and timeless feel that exhibits a number of unique Art Deco buildings and is surrounded by cane fields. The town has a population of 1,253 and was founded in the year 1880. The main industries in the town include the Sugar Mill and agriculture.


The Golden Gumboot, an award for Australia’s wettest town see’s Babinda and Tully annually compete for first prize, with Babinda being the usual winner that records an annual average rainfall of around 4,500 millimetres (177 inches) each year. The Babinda name is said to come from the local Indigenous Australian language for mountain, with other sources claiming it is a Yidinji word for water that could refer to the high rainfall in the area.

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  • Population: 1,253
  • Area: 39.9km2
  • Main Industries: The Sugar Mill, Agriculture and Forestry
  • Year Founded: 1880
  • Council website: https://www.cairns.qld.gov.au/