Wow, do we live in hope?


I must admit that I became super excited when I heard that the Dunk Island purchaser was Upsense Media Capital.  Could Dunk Island become the place where Australia’s creatives go to make films?

I am sure that, in America, there are those places that have set themselves up to be the film hot spots and, as a local here in the Wet Tropics, I can say that there is not better place you can find for its raw beauty.  

I am sure I have recently mentioned that my Grandad travelled the world and, when he came home, he was glad to be returning to Eden to be with his wife, Eve. 

We have everything here, the barrier reef, mountains, and rivers.  It is just a short plane flight to the desert, if that is necessary for a scene shot. 

There are so many possibilities, but, Upsense Media have not yet decided in what direction they will head.  Will they reopen the resort?  That would be good, but even better if they create a film production centre where locals can go and learn practical skills, and to showcase the Wet Tropics of Australia to the world. 

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