Workways matches Innisfail local with new employment

Jacob Ambrum approached Workways around a year ago, eager to secure a job.

Workways Australia’s vision is simple, they aim to create engaged communities, connecting people to opportunities. And this is especially evident for Innisfail local, Jacob Ambrum, who was recently employed by Ben Heath (former Cassowary Coast Councillor) and the owner of Innisfail Seafoods, after he approached Workways around a year ago, eager to secure a job.

Workways Australia is a not-for-profit organisation, which has been making lives better for socially disadvantaged people across Eastern Australia for over 30 years.

Established in 1989, Workways provides employment, youth, community, and environmental services to assist the long-term unemployed to obtain and retain employment or participate in further training and education. 

Jacob has battled numerous health and physical issues and had unfortunately been out of work for multiple years prior to approaching Workways. However, despite hurdles and his fair share of roadblocks, Jacob was adamant that he wanted to turn his life around and secure local employment.

Jacob has a love for the outdoors and gardening. Workways Recruitment Partner Michelle Rodda, engaged in many conversations with Jacob prior to his employment, and it fast became clear that Jacob would be a hardworking, enthusiastic, and loyal worker. It came as no surprise that Jacob was one of the first recommended to be paired up with Ben from Innisfail Seafoods when Ben expressed that he was looking for an employee. 

Innisfail Seafoods is located on the river with an enormous garden surrounding it. Ben employed Jacob to maintain and care for the large garden. Since settling into the role, Jacob has even built his very own herb garden that he manages and enjoys seeing the homegrown herbs put to good use! It has been positive to see the care and commitment Jacob has shown in his new role, which is clear to local residents who have remarked on occasion that “they want a Jacob to work on their gardens!” 

Jacob has enjoyed his role so much to date that he commented, “Maybe one day I’ll be able to start my own gardening business! However, for now I’m very grateful to be working for Ben and appreciate the hard work that Michelle has done to get me the equipment I’ve needed through employment support packages.”

It has also been a rewarding exercise for owner and manager Ben, who was recently stopped in the street by a man who shook his hand and was in tears when he said, “Thank you for turning my brother’s life around.” It was incredible moment and something that Ben will remember for a long time. He responded that he was just grateful to have a dedicated and trustworthy person like Jacob jump on board the team.

Michelle said that it has been a positive experience supporting Jacob and seeing his eagerness to work and contribute to the community. “I feel excited when I see Jacob because he’s really happy. He’s happy to tell you he likes the job, and he likes the team. It’s nice that they like him so much as well.”

Workways’ mission is to deliver positive economic, social, and environmental benefits to the community by enabling people to participate in the workforce, develop their potential, and contribute to society. Workways pride themselves on connecting the right people with the right employer.

They deliver a variety of Federal and State Government funded employment services designed to get people into the workforce, including Jobactive employment support, work for the dole skill building, disability employment services, transition to work support, parental support, and environmental programs. 

Workways Australia currently operates in Cairns, Townsville, Logan, South Brisbane, Gold Coast, Mt Isa, and a range of other interstate locations.

For more information please visit – https://www.workways.com.au/

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