Wilmar Sugar Herbert Region Mills

 Weekly production figures Wilmar Sugar Herbert region mills Week 2, ending 26 June 2021
This week Season to  date
Cane crushed
Victoria 100,010 113,845
Macknade 35,329 35,329
Total 135,339 149,174
Crop forecast 4.38M
This week Season to  date
District CCS 11.92 11.91
Cane variety performance for region
Variety CCS Variety CCS
Q208 37.1 12.10 Q200 3.5 11.51
Q250 11.1 12.10 Q242 3.1 11.38
Q253 9.5 12.01 SRA3 3.0 11.57
Q240 7.1 11.77 KQ228 2.5 11.68
Q232 6.9 12.25 Q252 2.2 12.36
Comments: A total of 135,339 tonnes of cane were crushed for  the week. Macknade Mill commenced crushing  operations on Monday morning 21 June. The average weekly CCS of 11.92 is encouraging. Victoria Mill will have an A-side maintenance stop on  Wednesday 29 June. Thanks to those growers and contractors who have  harvested cane that was limiting visibility around our  cane railway crossings.  However, some crossings still have poor visibility and  motorists are reminded to be cautious when  approaching all cane rail crossings. Please remember that cane trains can’t swerve and  they can’t come to a quick stop. Use your train brain  and always give way to cane trains. Lindsay Wheeler 
Cane Supply Manager Herbert Region

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