What is my authority?


I would like to utilise this column to speak more on topics that relate to my professional background. As a qualified social worker, before I started the newspaper, I dedicated my professional career to assisting homeless and disaffected people.

What I have observed, during the last five years that the newspaper has been operating under my direction, is a community that would like to see positive change in the services on offer and to recapture the strong sense of community and community engagement, which previously existed, but do not know how to do so.

How do you engage a younger generation to stay, live and work rural if you are not willing to do anything different, which appeals to a younger audience? Just last week, a friend spoke to their children’s mates and not a single child was looking forward to living local, and all of them were dreaming about the time that they would leave the community for ‘bigger and better’ things. 

Starting next week, I will be sharing life principles, which will change your life and the community for the better if you chose to be willing to listen and take onboard the things that I am saying in a positive way. It is an amazingly powerful platform to be able to speak from my heart to a community though my weekly column and I am grateful to the people who read my columns. 

I am aware that some people desire to see more political content in the newspaper and yes, we do need to ensure that we keep our representatives accountable, and I am grateful to have the support of writers who are skilled in this area. 

I desire to see amazing things happen in this community and I believe that the best way to bring about positive experiences for the community is to share some of the challenges life and the way they have been approached, which have brought positive change. 

We need to back each other as a community, and we need to put in an effort to achieve a strong sense of community.

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