Wet Tropics Management Authority Cassowary Awards Finalist

Wet Tropics Management Authority Cassowary Awards

Ingrid Marker has been a citizen scientist researching Cassowaries for 30 years in the Mission Beach and across the Wet Tropics bioregion. As the founder of Cassowary Keystone Conservation, Ingrid has been championing for responsible pet ownership and has formed many healthy partnerships with various community groups, Indigenous Land Sea Rangers, Terrain Natural Resources, the Wet Tropics Management Authority, the Department of Environment and Science (DES), Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS), FNQROC, and the CSIRO, and she is a Core Trainer with CAFNEC.  Ingrid was invited to assist the Lockhart River Research station and Indigenous Rangers to map and locate Cassowaries after a cyclone ripped through the area. 

The onsite caretaker of the Garners Beach Rehabilitation Centre for many years, Ingrid witnessed firsthand the plight of these iconic endangered species from loss of habitat, car strike, and roaming domestic or pig dogs, and has successfully raised many orphaned chicks to be released back to the wild.  As a member of the Cassowary Recovery Team, she has spent many years lobbying for amendments to the Animal Management Act and, with support from researchers, had listed dogs as one of the three known threatening processes to Cassowaries’ future survival. 

Ingrid has just been nominated as a finalist in four out of the nine categories for the upcoming Cassowary Awards to be announced in Cairns on June 19. 

Starting a new project called “Guardians of the Wet Tropics”, our focus is to promote healthy social connections and understanding to neighbours living adjoining the World Heritage Areas. To appreciate the rich biodiversity, unique, and endangered ecological values that are in your backyard, and highlighting the privilege and responsibilities of living within the Wet Tropics bioregion, we hope the community will want to protect and enhance this World Heritage Listed irreplaceable ecosystem for future generations.

Wet Tropics Management Authority Cassowary Awards- Finalist in

CATEGORY 1:  Thorsborne Award for Community Conservation and Rehabilitation

For contribution to the improvement of natural values of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area. This category may include neighbours, landholders, community groups, or individuals who rehabilitate and protect the fauna, flora, and other natural landscape elements of the Area.

CATEGORY 3: Innovation and Research

This category recognises the original, inventive, and creative contributions and achievements, which have improved or advanced understanding and management of the Area.  This category includes those who have carried out innovative research, developed applications, or applied other programs, or technologies in new ways to present or manage World Heritage values.

 CATEGORY 4: Education

For recognition of individuals or groups, such as community-based educators or university and school staff, who go above and beyond their role to facilitate active learning by imparting exceptional understanding and appreciation of the Area.  This may include developing school programs, facilitating and supporting research projects, or teaching the skills required to contribute to, advocate for, and promote awareness of the Area. 

CATEGORY 6: Peter Hitchcock Community Champion Award

This category recognises those who provide an inspiration to others through their commitment and hard work advocating for the Area, through championing solutions and raising the profile of issues affecting the well-being of the Area.

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