Weekly production figures Wilmar Sugar Herbert region mills Week 5, ending 17 July 2021

This week Season to  date
Cane crushed
Victoria 102,279 322,920
Macknade 47,596 143,910
Total 149,875 466,830
Crop forecast 4.38M
This week Season to  date
District CCS 12.16 12.05
Cane variety performance for region
Variety CCS Variety CCS
Q208 33.0 12.29 Q242 6.0 11.43
Q253 11.8 12.42 Q200 5.0 11.75
Q240 9.2 11.75 SRA3 3.1 11.83
Q250 8.9 12.45 Q231 1.7 11.47
Q232 6.3 12.82 KQ228 1.7 11.72
Comments: Just under 150,000 tonnes of cane were crushed for  the week. Wet weather continues to impact harvesting and  crushing operations, with slowly drying ground  conditions resulting in reduced throughput. The temporary stop to crushing enabled crews to  conduct factory maintenance at both Herbert mills.  This means there is no requirement for a scheduled  maintenance stop at Victoria Mill this coming week.  Macknade Mill will undertake a four-hour shredder  maintenance stop this coming Friday. CCS levels consistently remained around the 12.16 range for the week – slightly below budget. Please remember to take care around our cane rail  network and always give way to cane trains. 
Lindsay Wheeler 
Cane Supply Manager 
Herbert Region

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