Weekly production figures Herbert Region


Wilmar Sugar 

Herbert region mills 

Week 6, ending 24 July 2021

Weekly production figures Wilmar Sugar Herbert region mills Week 6, ending 24 July 2021
This week Season to  date
Cane crushed
Victoria 124,713 447,633
Macknade 65,593 209,503
Total 190,306 657,136
Crop forecast 4.38M
This week Season to  date
District CCS 12.27 12.12
Cane variety performance for region
Variety CCS Variety CCS
Q208 28.8 12.70 Q200 5.2 11.75
Q253 12.4 12.41 Q242 3.5 11.43
Q240 10.8 12.19 Q183 3.2 11.83
Q250 9.5 12.43 SRA3 2.5 11.72
Q232 8.7 12.29 Q231 1.9 11.69
Comments: Improved weather conditions saw just over 190,000  tonnes of cane crushed for the week. The fine, cool weather also saw CCS levels slowly  increase, with a further 0.11 of a unit improvement on  the previous week. This pushed the season-to-date  CCS to 12.12 units.  There are two planned stops this week. Victoria Mill  will undertake a 12-hour A-side milling train  maintenance stop on Tuesday 27July. Macknade Mill  will undertake a 12-hour maintenance stop on Thursday 29 July. During the week, there was a reported near hit  between a cane train and an excavator working  adjacent to the cane rail corridor.  A reminder that any work being undertaken near our  cane rail network poses a safety risk. Please  communicate any planned work to the traffic office  and ensure appropriate signage is used. A full-laden cane train can take up to a kilometre to  come to a complete stop.
Lindsay Wheeler 
Cane Supply Manager 
Herbert Region

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