Two nights of Glittering Lights in Ingham

Catholic Debutante Ball in Ingham

There was double the excitement in the air last Friday and Saturday for the 2021 Catholic Saint Patricks’ Parish Debutante Ball.  Whilst they were unable to come together in 2020 due to the COVID restrictions imposed on the community, the Debutantes and their Partners were blessed by a supportive community that wanted to ensure they could come together at the Hinchinbrook Shire Hall to share in an event that combines both tradition and youthful celebration. 

The participants on Friday night were: 

JESSICA MCFAYDEN partnered by Caleb Lahtinen.

KAILA MARINO partnered by Liam Di Bartolo.

KAYLEE HILLYARD partnered by Samuel Timms.

AMBER TODD partnered by Jesse Verner.

KYRA GIANDOMENICO partnered by Harry Hardy.

RYLEIGH MCMURRARY partnered by Ethan Muller.

DANA KAURILA partnered by Troy Austin.

CAYTLAN STEPHENSEN partnered by Braydn Scott.

ABBEY RUSSO partnered by Tristan Colson.

KELSEY LAVARINI partnered by Joshua Marmara.

HAYLEY MOMBELLI partnered by Ryan Wyles.

ELLAH HODGE partnered by Callum Romano.

EMILY HODGSON partnered by Liam Jensen.

KATIE GROUNDWATER partnered by Joshua Macarone.

PAIGE BENEFELL partnered by Robert Giuliano.

LAURA POGGIO partnered by Wil Hunter.

ERYN REINAUDO partnered by Ethan Hillyard.

SAMANTHA SCOTT partnered by Haydan Girgenti.

LUCY GALLETLY partnered by Dexter Mimi.

SARAH BUCKMAN partnered by Ethan Giacomi.

MOLLY TOIGO partnered by Dale Cantoni.

PARIS ANDERSEN partnered by Hunter Winkel.

TESS HINSCHEN partnered by William Melvin.

And the participants on Saturday night were: 

DARCIE SPINA partnered by Kobe Stanford.

BIANCA MARANO partnered by Nicholas Scott.

NATALIE DANZA partnered by Bailey McKee.

PAIGE GIRGENTI partnered by Jake Neilsen.

KIRRA SUTTON-DUDGEON partnered by Jackson Dickinson.

BRITNEY ROMANO partnered by Samuel DiBartolo.

SARA FIRTH partnered by Brendan Bogotto.

TAHLIA NOWAK partnered by Jesse Verner.

AINSLEY DI MAGGIO partnered by Cameron Rae.

JESSICA DICKSON partnered by Matthew Vella.

SIMONE DI MAGGIO partnered by Kaileb Balanzategui.

SARAH FASCETTI partnered by Khy Sorbello.

ZARA GOITIANDIA partnered by Brody Mombelli.

CARLI KITE partnered by Jaspa Skinner.

ISABELLA MELARA partnered by Wil Hunter.

KACEY LYNCH partnered by Jack Edwards.

The Shire Hall was a festival of lights for the participants to enjoy their celebrations, where they were presented to Father Damian McGrath

The Debutantes and partners enjoyed months of fine-tuning their dance routines, with the guidance of dance instructors, Doug and Violet Adams and Virginia Scovazzi.  They executed exemplary performances for all present, as they enjoyed the time-honoured tradition that they will forever celebrate as a milestone in their life’s journey.

Father Damian shared the history of the debutante ball in the Hinchinbrook Shire, which was first held in Halifax, and has been running for over 90 years. 

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