Tully Tennis Thirty Years Ago


An extract from a letter to the Council from the Tully Tennis & Social Club:

“Tully is the centre of the Cardwell Shire.  People from all areas within the Shire come to Tully to play tennis.  In the current situation, these courts are used daily by players.  Currently, some 60 junior players are being coached and they will require the use of a tennis facility in the future for their continuation in this sport.  The demands on this facility are great.  Our 2 courts alone are unable to cope with the high number of players, so in order to satisfy this demand we hire at our expense both the State School Courts and the private court of Jenny Flegler.  For night competition, we have to allocate players different nights in order to fit everyone in.  

Put simply, this means that we use 5 courts on a regular basis.  If extra courts are required on top of this, we must then use the 2 courts at St Clare’s.  This is our last resort.  It also means that if any restriction is placed on our use of any of these private courts, we could not cope, and tennis will decline.  Tully is still growing and with the possibility of the “Tully Millstream” project going ahead, further rapid expansion will inevitably take place, thus more courts will be required.”

Tully Tennis Today

On Friday, July 9, Tully Tennis & Social Club is holding a Social Tennis Evening starting at 5.30pm.   

There will be social tennis and a free BBQ.  At present, the weather forecast for Friday is fine.   Racquets crossed!

We are looking for players of all ages and abilities for Round 2, 2021. 

Tennis has been rained on quite a lot lately, however, the weather usually improves after the Show.  Good times are ahead for tennis players.  

Tully Tennis & Social Club sadly farewells two of its finest junior players, Sasha-May Flegler and Olivia Luxford, and wishes them all the best in their future endeavours.  They will be sorely missed by all at Tully Tennis.  

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