Tully Red Cross elect new Committee

Stella Berge, Junior School Captain, and Lola Zamova, Senior Leadership President, both of Tully State High School, presenting a cheque to outgoing President of the Tully Branch of the Red Cross, Jean Vallianos.

The Tully Branch of the Australian Red Cross held its Annual General Meeting on Monday, August 16, 2021, at its Hall within the Tully Hospital precinct. The society’s members were joined by Mayor Mark Nolan, who chaired the AGM, and Councillors Trudy Tschui and Jeff Baines, and outgoing Cassowary Coast Regional Council CEO, James Gott.

After years of valiant service, the outgoing President, Jean Vallianos, decided to step down from her role to spend more time with her family and to promote succession in the Tully Branch. 

The newly elected Management Committee is comprised of:

President: Kathryn (Sue) Pollard

Vice President: Stan Perger

Treasurer: Wendy Taifalos

Secretary: Noelene Bryne

Councillor Tschui, portfolio holder for Community and Culture, commended Jean for her service and congratulated the incoming Committee.

On behalf of the Cassowary Coast Regional Council, Mayor Nolan thanked Jean for her outstanding service and congratulated the incoming Committee members. He noted that ensuring succession and the ongoing membership of the Tully Branch of the Red Cross was important, as it provided such valuable service to the community. He advised that this required bringing in younger generations to take up the mantle and partnering with other likeminded organisations to share the load.

Councillor Jeff Baines thanked and commended Jean and the Tully Red Cross for their service and, in his capacity as a member of the RSL and the Freemasons, advised that both those organisations stood ready to partner with Tully Red Cross. He particularly mentioned the strength of the Tully branch and its kindness to its community.

Principal Richard Graham of Tully State High School introduced the guest speakers, two of his students, Lola Zamova (Senior Leadership President) and Stella Berge (Junior School Captain). Both students spoke about the impacts of COVID19 on them and their fellow students, on their studies, their sporting activities, and ability to interact with other schools, such as attend school camps or leadership forums. Principal Graham added that seventy-five per cent of Tully State High School students travel by bus for periods of 30 to 60 minutes each way to reach school and return home and noted that, due to this, school became their social life, absent which their lives were quite constrained, particularly if sports were also cancelled. 

Principal Graham also advised that at the beginning of 2021, the school had expected an enrolment of 750 students but had, in fact, received a further 60 students newly arrived in the area. Due to these last-minute enrolments and the impact of COVID19, he had experienced difficulty in finding extra teachers and hoped that the class sizes would be smaller next year if they can be recruited. He opined that whilst COVID19 had been challenging, he admired his students’ optimism and mental toughness.

Student Leaders, Lola` and Stella, then presented a cheque for $200, which had been raised in 2020 by selling poppies, to the outgoing President, Jean Vallianos, who, in turn, presented a small gift in appreciation to each student and thanked them for the donation. Jean advised that she found it wonderful how the students had adapted to life in the pandemic and had kept on learning.

Jean then made Red Cross Merit Award presentations to Trevor and Dawn Bailey for their work and highly valued service to the Tully Branch of the Red Cross. 

To conclude the ceremonies, she thanked the Chair, Mayor Mark Nolan, for presiding over the Annual General Meeting and invited all in attendance to partake in a delicious morning tea of sandwiches, savouries, cakes, slices, biscuits, and nibbles.

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