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IGA Tully Open, September 11 – 12

Overcast skies and a slight drizzle welcomed over seventy players to the 2021 Tully Open. 

The results of the Saturday daily prizes were Men’s A-Grade Nett winner’s 3rd place Kygel Spencer, with 2nd place going to Johno Dean and Tanu Wulf coming in first. The B-Grade Nett winners 3rd place was Mark Twomey, with 2nd place going to Gavin Camilleri and B. Snowden taking out 1st place. Brice Henry took out 3rd place in the Men’s C-Grade, with Illja Karsikas in 2nd and Kevin Edwards came first. 

The Ladies’ Division 2 third place went to Hipas Donald, second place went to Betty Favier and Deb Giles came first. Division 1 third place winner was Jo Baron, with Kass Marshall coming in second and Sue Cameron in first place. 

NTPS Men’s A-Grade 2/11 Troy Hutchings and 7/16 Adam Stubbings, with Kygel Spencer taking home the Longest Drive. B-Grade Men 2/11 Jim Boston and 7/16 Gavin Camilleri, who also took out the Longest Drive for the B-Grade Men. C-Grade 2/11 Steve Bowden and 7/16 Illja Karsikas, with Wayne Kelly taking out the Longest Drive. Ladies’ Division 2 Longest Drive Hipas Donald. Ladies Division 1: 2/11 Sue Cameron and 7/16 Annabelle Hutchings, who also took out the Division 1 Longest Drive.

Day Two also saw another strong field of around seventy players who competed in better condition than Day One. Daily prize winners were A-Grade Men third place was Dave Morris, with Justin Cifunetes second and Ian Jones came in first. B-Grade 1st went to Mark Twomey, 2nd to Jim Boston and M. Deguara was 3rd. The C-Grade winner was Brice Henry, second was Alex Gilbride and Ernie Gower came third.

The Ladies’ Division 2 first place went to Betty Favier, with Audrey Gower and Kim Milini coming third. The Ladies’ Division 1 saw Jo Baron take out first, with Kim Robertson second and Julie Reed third. 

NTPS Men’s A-Grade 2/11 Mike Kennedy, 7/16 Michael Morgan, with Kygel Spencer taking out the Longest Drive again. B-Grade Men’s 2/11 Gavin Camilleri, 7/16 Maurie Smith, and Gavin also winning the Longest Drive again. The C-Grade Men’s 2/11 Graham Boyd, 7/16 Tony Gray, and Alex Gilbride took out the Longest Drive. 

The Ladies’ Division 2: 2/11 and 7/16 Kim Milini, and the Longest Drive Deb Giles. Division 1: 2/11 Kass Marshall, 7/16 Carly Lavell, and also saw Annabelle Hutchings take home the Longest Drive for the second day running. 

The 36-Hole Nett winners were Men’s A-Grade Kygel Spencer and runner up Mike Kennedy. The B-Grade winner was Gavin Camilleri and runner up Amar Gurung. The C-Grade winner was Kevin Edwards and Mick Harris came second. The Ladies’ Division 1 36-Hole Nett winner was Sue Cameron and Carly Lavell was the runner up. 

So that just leaves the winner of the 2021 Tully Open Champion, who was Johno Dean winning in a 3- hole playoff from Jon Mackenzie. The Ladies’ Champion was Annabelle Hutchings and the runner- up was Kass Marshall. 

Once again, congratulations to all the winners! The Tully Golf Club hopes all players had an enjoyable weekend and hope to see you all back next year. Weekends like this are not possible without the great sponsorship from Tully IGA, Greg and Sandra Flegler , Drummond Golf Cairns, and the Tully Country Club. To all the volunteers who helped Graham Sinton prepare the course, the bar staff, the BBQ cooks, and Henry for being the hole in one spotter, our sincere thanks to all of you.

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