Tully & District Show – Results 2021 (Needle Work and Craft)


Section 7: Needlework and Craft


  1.  Patchwork Quilt – Double/Queen: 1st: Michelle Nash; 2nd: Beryl Watson.
  2.  Patchwork Quilt – Single/Cot size: 1st: Michelle Nash; 2nd: Dorothy Brobhy.
  3.  Small Patchwork Article: 1st: Rhonda Walton; 2nd: Rhonda Walton; 3rd: Valerie Smith.
  4.  Travel/Knee Rug, Crochet, 1.2 maximum: 1st: Kallista Ruiter; 2nd: Romayne Weare; 3rd: Kallister Ruiter.
  5.  Bedspread, crochet: 1st: Katrina Bokangas; 2nd: Rhonda Walton.
  6.  Teddy Bear, handmade, dressed, any medium: 1st: Valerie Smith.
  7. – 
  8. Cushion, filled, embroided: 1st: Wendy Finlayson; 2nd: Ellen Leech; 3rd: Agnes Tait. 
  9. Cushion, filled, any other medium: 1st: Helen Margaret Pedley; 2nd: Ellen Leech; 3rd: Beryl Marie Watson.
  10. Table Runner or Centre, embroidered, counted thread: 1st: Valerie Smith.
  11. Traced Embroidery – any article: 1st: Jennifer Quigley; 2nd: E. Truccolo; 3rd: E. Truccolo.
  12. Picture, framed, any medium: 1st: Valerie Smith.
  13. Hand-Embroidered Article – Cross Stitch: 1st: Pam Garner; 2nd: Beryl Marie Watson.
  14. Tapestry, framed: 1st: Wendy Finlayson.

A: Macrame – Any Article: 1st: Alexis Valiente; 2nd: Alexis Valiente.

  1. Wall Hanging, Hand Made: 1st: Helen Margaret Pedley; 2nd: Helen Margaret Pedly; 3rd: Wendy Finlayson.

A. Wall Hanging, Machine Made: 1st: Michelle Nash. 

  1. Machine made bag, most effective: 1st: Kirsty Edwards; 2nd: Kirsty Edwards; 3rd: Diana Russell.
  2. Article, machine sewn, most effective: 1st: Kirsty Edwards; 2nd: Kirsty Edwards; 3rd: Jill Brighton.
  3. Pin cushion, any medium: 1st: Jean Rosendahl; 2nd: Marina Murillo.
  4. Table Runner or Centre, crochet: 1st: Janice Finais. 
  5. Any item not on schedule, crochet: 1st: Marina Murillo; 2nd: Kallista Ruiter; 3rd: Kallista Ruiter.
  6.  –
  7. – 
  8. – 
  9. Any item not on schedule, knitted: 1st: Kallista Ruiter; 2nd: Kallista Ruiter.
  10. Applique, any entry: 1st: Jeanette Bucklan.
  11. Toy, handmade, knitted: 1st: Elizabeth Hole. 
  12. Toy, handmade, crochet: 1st: Margaret Xiberras.
  13. Toy, machine made, any material: 1st: Valerie Smith.
  14. Best Thrift Article approx. 70% recycled / 30% new: 1st: Robyn Newham.
  15. Soft Craft, needle and thread (no glue), any item not on schedule: 1st: Marina Murillo; 2nd: Marina Murillo; 3rd: Wendy Finlayson. 
  16. Soft Craft – Machine: 1st: Kirsty Edwards.
  17. – 
  18. Beading, any item: 1st: Ilse-Marie Matheson; 2nd: Elizabeth Hole; 3rd: Elizabeth Hole. 
  19. Tea Cosy, any medium: 1st: Valerie Smith; 2nd: Val Bradley; 3rd: Val Bradley. 
  20. Coat Hanger, any medium: 1st: Rhonda Walton; 2nd: Valerie Smith; 3rd: Rhonda Walton.
  21. Wearable Art, knitted, crochet: 1st: Charlayla Palmer; 2nd: Charlayla Palmer; 3rd: Katrina Isokangas. 
  22. Wearable Art, any entry: no plant or animal materials: 1st: Elizabeth Hole.
  23. Wool Felting, any entry: 1st: Laurice Collins. 
  24. Card making, open: 1st: Diana Russell; 2nd: Diana Russell; 3rd: Marina Murillo. 
  25. Any Item made by a person with a disability, open: 1st: Elizabeth Hole.
  26. – 
  27. Crochet, any article: 1st: Val Bradley; 2nd: Beryl Marie Watson.
  28. Rug – Crochet: 1st: Pauline Camilleri; 2nd: Katrina Bokangas; 3rd: Margaret Xiberras.
  1. Crochet Cotton, any article: 1st: Elizabeth Hole; 2nd: Elizabeth Hole; 3rd: Debra Harle.
  2. Knitting, any article: 1st: Helen Margaret Pedley; 2nd: Helen Margaret Pedley; 3rd: Margaret Xiberras.
  3. Embroidery, any article: 1st: Bette Francis Bell; 2nd: Jennifer Quigley; 3rd: Bette Francis Bell.
  4. Any other craft: 1st: Beryl Marie Watson; 2nd: Beryl Marie Watson; 3rd: Val Bradley.
  5. Machine Made Bags: 1st: Diana Russell; 2nd: Diana Russell; 3rd: Jill Brighton.  
  1. Article made by a person over 80 years. Best Entry, any medium: 1st: Dorothy Brophy.  
  2. Article made by a High School student. Best Entry, any medium: 1st: Charlayla Palmer; 2nd: Charlayla Palmer; 3rd: Charlayla Palmer.  
  3. Article made by a Primary School student. Best entry, any medium: 1st: Alicia McGowan; 2nd: Alicia Gowan.  

Best Exhibit – Classes 1 to 49: Ilse-Marie Matheson.

Best Exhibit – Hand Embroidery: Pam Garner.

Best Exhibit – Hand Crochet: Helen Margaret Pedley.

Best Exhibit – Hand Knitting: Helen Margaret Pedley.  

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