Tully Bowls Club


Friday, October 8 

Tully Bowls Club was host to thirty-five bowlers who had travelled to Macknade on Thursday and then visited Tully on Friday for smoko, a game of Bowls, and Lunch. Nineteen Tully Bowlers mixed with the visitors. What a wonderful way to meet up with old friends and make new ones! 


The weather was hot, so only 12 ends were played. We all enjoyed lunch in the air conditioning! Numerous raffles were held, and the day ended with “The Bus Bowlers” singing and dancing to the tune of Jingle Bells. What a great surprise and wonderful way to end their visit! Come again soon!


Sunday, October 10  

We welcomed visitors, Norma and Trevor Gray, from Yungaburra.


Twenty-two Bowlers played 2 games of 10 ends.


Team 7: Leno Ceccato / Joan Mercer (7) -v- Team 8 Dennis Shirlaw / Bev Harrop (12). 

Team 3: John Taylor/ Trevor Gray / Val Bradley (4) -v- Team 4: Robyn Brunello / Adrian Woollard / Norma Gray (13). 

Team 5: John Brown / Val Zamora / Judy Hood/ Wendy Nevin (12) -v- Team 6: Ray Downing / Rod Tennant / Ron Senini (6). 

Team 1: Mary Bacic / Gordon Williams / Joanne Townsend (6) -v- Team 2: Peter Smith / Pauline Edwards / Rita Hudson (10).


After smoko: Team 1 (7) -v- Team 4 (11). Team 5 (6) -v- Team 2 (9). Team 3 (7) -v- Team 6 (4). Team 7 (6) -v- Team 8 (11).


Team 4 comprised of Robyn Brunello, Adrain Woollard, and Norma Gray were the winners, and each received $15. The runner up was Team 2 made up of Peter Smith, Pauline Edwards, and Rita Hudson who each received a free drink. 


It was nice to see members enjoying socialising after the game.


In the Club Championship Consistency Final, Ray Downing defeated Peter Smith, 151/ 150. Another very close game!


Due to the hot weather, Wednesday’s afternoon game will now be played on Wednesday nights, from 6pm to 8pm. Our monthly Meetings will now be held at 4pm on Wednesdays before the game. 


The book is open for the Joe Quagliata Memorial Day (sponsored by his wife Mary and family) on Sunday, October 31. Please put your name in if you wish to play.


Our Club is available for hire for your Xmas Party. Dates are filling fast. Please ring 0427669094 to make a booking. Cheers!

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