Tully Bowls


Wednesday, June 23
Twelve players played 18 ends of 2-4-2. Peter Smith/Keith (9) -v- Dennis Shirlaw / Joan Mercer (21) . Greg Cottrel / Judy Hood (19) -v- John Taylor / Rita Hudson (13). David Blackburn / Bev Harrop / Pam Staier (15) -v- Ray Downing / Joanne Townsend (24). The winners were Joan and Dennis.

Sunday, June 27 
Twenty-four players enjoyed the lovely weather to play two games of 10 ends. 

Team 1: John Taylor / Joan Mercer / Toni Buick (12) -v- Team 2: Gavin Buick / Judy Hood / Gavin (9). 

Team 3: Denns Shirlaw / Rod Tennant / Avis Ray (11) -v- Team 4: Leno Ceccato / Lou Brunello / Rita Hutson (7). 

Team 5: Peter Smith / Pauline Edwards / Sue (6) -v- Team 6: John Brown / Joanne Townsend / Robyn Brunello (12). 

Team 7: Ian Revie / Adrain Woollard / Pam Staier (7) -v- Team 8: Mary Bacic /Ron French / Pam Goodwin (15).

After Smoko
Team 1 (9) -v- Team 8 (9). 

Team 2 (5) -v- Team 7 (23). 

Team 3 (11)- v- Team 6 (12). 

Team 4 (5) v Team 5 (11). 

There was a play off between John Brown and Mary Bacic to decide the winner. The successful team was John Brown / Joanne Townsend / Robyn Brunello. Players enjoyed drinks and socialising after the game.

Wednesday Afternoon, June 23   

Approximately twenty-five Scouts and some parents from Mission Beach had a wonderful afternoon / evening playing bowls and enjoyed a lovely BBQ as well. On all accounts, a great time was had by all. Thanks also to the Bowls Club Members’ Ray, Bev, Pam, and Joanne who were on hand to help.

Thursday Afternoon, June 24 

Thanks to Tully State School for organising Bowls, a BBQ, and Fun for around forty of their students at the Tully Bowls Club. The afternoon was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Thanks to Club Members’ Robyn, Joan, Judy, Joanne, and Pauline, for all their assistance in organising the games.  Thanks also to Mackays for suppling a carton of bananas for the students.

Mixed Pennants were played in South Johnstone.  Tully defeated Silkwood and South Johnstone defeated Innisfail.

Our Club is available for hire for functions, bowls, and BBQs. 

We welcome new players to come along and join us and learn how to play a great game. Please call us on 07401230.

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