Tully Bowls


Wednesday, June 16

Twelve players enjoyed 18 ends of 2-4-2. 

Peter Smith / Val Bradley, 29 -v- Rod Bradley / Rita Hudson, 4. 

Judy Hood / Joan Mercer, 21 -v- Dennis Shirlaw / Pam Staier, 6.

Joanne Townsend / Bev Harrop, 14 -v- Ray Downing / Paul Renfree, 24.

The winners were Peter Smith and Val Bradley.

Sunday, June 20  

There was a good roll up of 26 players, including visitors Pam Goodwin and Dennis Shirlaw. It was nice to see Steve Szabo and Michael Knight back after being missing in action.

The results of the Pair’s game were:

Team 10: Gavin Briick / Joanne Townsend, 10 -v- Team 9: Ron French / Joan Mercer,  6.

Team 8: Judy Hood / Lou Brunello, 13 -v- Team 7: Michael Knight / Pam Goodwin, 3. Team 5: Rod Tennant / Steve Szabo / Val Bradley, 6 -v- Team 6: Ray Downing, 11. Team 3: Dennis Shirlaw /Bev Harrop / Avis Ray, 5 -v- Team 4: John Brown / Mary Bacic / Glen, 15. 

Team 1: Ian Revie / Toni Bruick / Rita Hudson, 10 -v- Team 2: Robyn Brunello / Ken Cowan / Pam Staier, 9.
After Smoko the results were:

Team 10 (7) -v- Team 7 (7). 

Team 8 (13) -v- Team 9 (3). 

Team1 (12) -v- Team 4 (5).

Team 3 (10) -v- Team  6 (8) -v- Team 6 (8).

Team 5 (7) -v- Team 2 (11).

The game ended with a play-off between John Brown and Judy Hood, with Judy and Lou Brunello being the winners of the day.

Saturday, June 19 

Mixed Pennant games were played in Tully, with Innisfail defeating Silkwood and South Johnstone defeating Tully. 

The next game is on Saturday, June 27 in South Johnstone. 

The Ladies’ Pennant Team will play in Atherton on Monday, June 28.

Congratulations to Rod Bradley’s Team who won at the Babinda All Day 4’s last Sunday.

Tully Bowling Ladies hosted an extremely successful Annual Gumboot 4’s Competition on Tuesday, June 22. What a wonderful day we had, with teams coming from the Marlin Coast to Ingham. Fourteen teams played 3 Games of 12 Ends. 

The winning Teams were:

First: The team of Glynis Buttigieg, Jean Messina, Louise Hoskins, and Denise Charman.

Second: Daphne Begg’s Team Edmonton.

Third: Helen Paterson’s Team Innisfail.

Congratulation to the winners. The Game was followed by a delicious afternoon tea, the draw of the raffle, and a mini cent sale. Tully Ladies would like to thank all our visitors for making our Gumboot Day so special.

We thank our Sponsors, Tully Sugar, Mitre 10, Petals and Beans, As Green As, Raymond’s Pharmacy, Livelife Pharmacy, Bartrac Toyota, Tackle Village, Kitchen Essentials, Top Hotel, Cavs Marine, Tully Office Supplies, and Mission Beach Tavern, for their continued support.

What a great town we live in!

Thanks also to John Taylor, Ray Downing, and Ron French for keeping the green and gardens in tiptop condition. We received lots of complements on how beautiful our garden is.

We invite new players to join our club, so please give us a call on 40681230 or call in anytime when we are playing. Cheers!

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