Tully Bowls


Wednesday, September 1.

Wet weather could not dampen the enthusiasm of Judy Hood, Dennis Shirlaw, Ray Downing, Peter Smith, Joanne Townsend, Bev Harrop, Gavin and Toni Buick, who had an enjoyable afternoon playing social bowls followed by the usual socialising.

Sunday, September 5.

Welcome to our visitors Pat and Mick O’Day and Richard and Eileen Jefferies.

Team 1: Adrain Woollard/Gavin Buick (6) v Team 2 Leno Ceccato/Rita Hudson (16). Team 3 Ray Wicks/Val Zamora/Peter Smith (19) v Team 4 Dennis Shirlaw/Bev Harrop/Judy Hood (1). Team 5 Richard Jefferies/Mary Bacic/ Wendy Niven (8) v Team 6 Pat O’Day/Toni Buick/Mick O’Day (10)

Team 7: John Brown/Joan Mercer/Ron Senini (10) v Team 8 Ray Downing/Pauline Edwards/ Eileen Jefferies (8).

After Smoko

Team 1: (10) v Team 2 (9). Team 3 (8) v Team 5 ((16). Team 4 (9) v Team 7 (11). Team 6 (1) v Team 8 (18).

The winning Team was Leno Ceccato and Rita Hudson.

Great to see so many players staying after the game to enjoy socialising and a few laughs to end the day.

Club Championship Consistency (mixed).  Mary Bacic 150 defeated Val Zamora 140.

Don’t forget to put your name in the book at the bar for our Macknade/Tully Competition in Tully on Sunday, September 26. Always a good day! Cheers!

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