Tully Bowls


Wednesday, August 18

Twenty players enjoyed a great afternoon, some playing three bowl triples and some playing 2-4-2 pairs.
Team 1: Peter Smith / Gavin Buick / Wendy (23) -v- Team 2: Ray Downing / Pam Staier / Rita Hudson (14).
Team 3: John Taylor / Joanne Townsend / Gary (32) -v- Team 4: John Brown / Pauline Edwards / Rhys (9).
Team 5: Roger / Joan Mercer (9) -v- Team 6: Dennis Shirlaw / Bev Harrop (23.)
Team 6: Judy Hood / Ron Senini (22) -v- Team 7: Rod Bradley / Toni Buick (10).

The Winning Team, who received $10 each, was John Taylor /Joanne Townsend / Gary. The Runner up was Team 7: Dennis Shirlaw / Bev Harrop, who each received a free drink .

Sunday, August 22
Team 1: Dennis Shirlaw / Ron French (13) -v- Team 2: Ray Downing /Robyn Brunello (10).
Team 3: Rod Bradley / Joanne Townsend (7) -v- Team 4: Michael Knight / Toni Buick (3).
Team 5: Steve Szabo / Val Bradley / Joan Mercer (5) -v- Team 6: Peter Smith / Gavin Buick / Pam Staier (20).
Team 7: Leno Ceccato (17) -v- Team 8: John Taylor / Avis Ray / Ron Senini (1).

After Smoko
Team 1: (10) -v- Team 4: (6).  Team 2: (10)- v- Team 3: (12).
Team 5: (18) -v- Team 7: (2).  Team 6: (17) -v- Team 8: (6).

The Winning Team, who received $10 each, was Peter Smith / Gavin Buick / Pam Staier . The Runner up Team, who received a free drink each, was Rod Bradley and Joanne Townsend.

Tuesday, August 24
Tully turned on a beautiful sunny day for the Tully Ladies to host  the TFNQ Graded Triples. Due to lack of nominations, six Tully men bowlers filled in the void. Thanks to Dennis Shirlaw, Ray Downing, Ray Wicks, Peter Smith, Gavin Buick, and John Taylor. We had thirty-six Bowlers in all.

After playing 3 Games of 14 ends, players enjoyed a beautiful afternoon tea.  President Jan Baumann  announced the winning teams. Coming first were Gavin Buick, Lynda Uhrenholtz, and Betty Delghetti. The Runner up Team was Denice Charman, Bev Mason, and Pauline Edwards. Presentations will be held at a later date.

Thanks to Ray Downing and John Taylor for all their help and to the ladies for the catering. The winner of the raffle was Joan Mercer. A very enjoyable day!

The next event is a visit from the Army/RSL to play with Tully Bowlers. Always a great day. Cheers!

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