Three Treston brothers return to Daradgee for a special birthday celebration

Former students of the old Daradgee State School Bernie, Tom, and Kevin Treston, returned to Daradgee Environmental Education Centre for a special family celebration.

THREE former students of the old Daradgee State School returned to the Daradgee Environmental Education Centre in May for a special birthday celebration.

Daradgee State School ran from 1911 until its closure in 1984, and the Daradgee Environmental Education Centre, which is an Education Queensland Residential camp-based facility located on the former school site, was established in 1986.

Tom Treston enrolled in 1935, Kevin Treston in 1941, and Bernie Treston in 1943. Another sibling, Neville Treston, enrolled in 1938, who was unable to attend, was acknowledged.

Tom, Kevin, and Bernie attended the centre to celebrate their brother Michael’s 90th birthday. 

Michael still resides close to Daradgee, at Upper Daradgee, on the family farm.

These three men reminisced on their youth and shared their most precious memories and experiences of their early school days.

Tom’s daughter, Jane, also joined in on the journey down memory lane.

Kevin shared an experience from 1942, when he arrived on horseback with Tom for his first day. As he slid off the horse, he heard someone shout out “Not another Treston!”

Many memories were recalled as they looked through memorabilia of the school’s history.

After this special time, a morning tea was shared with staff and old friends, Vince and Elizabeth McAvoy, with Vince also a former student.

The staff at Daradgee were extremely grateful to have these memories shared with them and thanked the Treston boys for their visit.

Everyone was enlightened about how different school life was in the early 1900’s, and how enjoyable it was to revisit those memories.

In November this year, the Daradgee Environmental Education Centre will celebrate 110 years of the Daradgee State School and Daradgee Environmental Education Centre. 

The celebrations will include an open day and a dinner with a date yet to be confirmed.

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