There is a sense of goodness sweeping through town


It is heart-warming to observe people, who are committed to assisting others, out in force to help. Just this week I felt grateful towards Tully Rotary, as I regularly observe their kind-hearted members assisting to others. The same can be said for Hinchinbrook Rotary. 

It is a testament to our community that, with growing numbers of people in need, who seek the assurance that there are caring people within organisations who will care enough to provide it, such organisations with members who genuinely care, do, in fact, exist. 

When I watch an ‘old-school’ television series, it is always poignant to re-live those moments when someone brought food to their neighbour in a time of sickness or loss. 

I used to love catching up with friends and family for BBQs when I was a child, and everyone would bring a plate to share. No-one needed to be rich to be able to enjoy the company of friends and family.

I feel as if I grew up in the best of times. The focus then was not what was ‘on trend,’ who had enough money to buy the ‘trendy’ item, but was, instead, on fellowship.

It was wonderful living next to a quarry and a creek, where we had access to a sand hill down which we could ski. The creek provided mud in which to play and a spot for a swim. There was also a fabulous place to swim up the mountain side near my parents’ home and we often found our way up there.

I do not feel as confident climbing up a creek now as I did back then, but I often wonder if I should try? Hmmm, that could be a disaster, but let’s wait and see!

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