The price of freedom


It is amazing what we will sacrifice to look after the people who we love. There are so many times in life that we can make a choice that benefits ourselves and then there are moments when we make one that benefits others more than ourselves. It excites me when I think rural, and I observe a community that cares more about family than they do about themselves. 

We all want to belong to a loving family and to a strong community. The difficulty we have is with time. How often during the week do you think of all the tasks that you need to accomplish and wonder how you can possibly finish them and find time to be with your family?

There is so much pressure to perform in our society. I am sure that this will cause some people to be offended, but there were so many benefits to having a society where only one wage was required to support the family.

When you pause and reflect on what women lost for freedom, it is a lot. To gain our freedom, we lost our freedom.

I am talking about when there used to be a time when there was a person available at home to spend time with their children. It is now a rare thing to be able to stay at home and look after your child. 

It is wonderful to have been successful fighting for our rights as women, but can we now fight to be allowed to raise our own children? Whether male or female, we should be able live in an economy where it is affordable to parent our children.

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