The joys of living


There are so many times in our lives when we wonder in what direction life will take us and are surprised by where we end up. I never anticipated that one day I would own a media company and live in Ingham. I could never have predicted that my life would go the way that it has. There are so many times when I have made bad decisions and also times when I have made excellent decisions, which leads me to conclude that having such a fulfilling life cannot be my doing alone.

I attribute many of my blessings to my faith, which has supported me through challenging times and led me towards building something immensely rewarding.  

A lot of people do not share my beliefs. It is fascinating to watch a world where a lot of people are trying to find their place and figure out who they are. This makes me question who and how good role models are being provided to our children. 

I am currently hearing many people in our community state how upset they are at what is being taught in our education system and their concern that teachers are taking on responsibilities for our children that should not be their role, nor their place to do so. But if parents do not have time to connect with and foster a healthy social life for their own children as they develop, then from whom are they going to learn? 

There is no point complaining about something if you are not willing, nor able, to action a solution to remedy the concerns that you have. 

I do not want to listen to a world of complainers! I would like to see the community find the best solutions to ensuring that parents are able to develop healthy relationships with their children and grow the best citizens for the next generation.

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