The importance of self-awareness to promote and market your community


It is interesting to consider a rural community as needing to have the right people to promote and market it to the broader population.  The nature of rural communities is they are often lag behind what is happening in cities.  

The shift to young people from regional areas receiving their education in metropolitan cities and no longer on farms or in rural communities has resulted in their adoption of a ‘celebrity focus’ and desire to stay ‘on trend’.  To remain ‘on trend’, young people believe that they need to move to the city where they will have access to more modern products and services.  Youngsters in rural areas may often feel out of the loop when brought up in a rural area or living rural where they are not provided the same resources or services that exist in a city.

There needs to be a shift of focus for our young people and our rural and regional communities need to be promoted and marketed in the right way, a way that appeals and attracts this younger demographic, to ensure that young people will want to move or return here to live.

It is no use bemoaning the empty shops in your small-town community. You need to think of ways of promoting living rural as an attractive option.

To do so, you may also need to acknowledge and change your mindset if there is any chance that you are part of the reason that people do not want to move here or do not want to stay. If you are a person who believes that it takes generations for a person to be considered ‘local’, then you need to be aware that you are the reason that your community is dying.

If you want your business to be the only option for a particular product or service in a small town, then you need to understand that you are the reason your town is dying.

If you wish to see your town survive and thrive, you need to be willing to change your way of thinking and you need to be willing to be welcoming and kind to new people who want to settle in your town and start a business in your community.  

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