The finer details of living life


There are so many things that happen throughout the course of our lives, which dictate where we go, and how we get there.   It is interesting to think about what it means to live life.

My life is soon set to change drastically.  I am soon to be a Mrs – Mrs Sari Russo.  I am thinking Russo will be good because it is the ‘Smith’ of Italy, so I will not have to worry about the spelling of my name as much as I currently need to. 

There is already much to think about regarding navigating the different families and what kind of wedding celebration we would like to have and whether our decisions will offend our families.  

Worrying about these kinds of things is a very different process to what I am used to doing. For a person who has lived a life where I have been the only person who has had any real opinion about what its direction should be, it is interesting to think about the change that is about to happen. 

Michael and I have both lived very independent lives.  Neither of us has previously needed to check something past another person before deciding on our respective courses of action.  Previously, when we dated other people, there was not a thought process to overly consider what the other person would think before we decided.

Now we are both thinking… ‘Oh, I should check that with Michael/Sari?’

Hmmm, food for thought!  How hard is it going to be to check something past the other, even when one of us really wants to buy/do something and the other person is not keen? Will I be a rebel and do it anyway?

A funny conversation that I recently had with someone was regarding whether another person’s opinion was something I would be able to consider and from which I would take direction? We will have to wait and see…

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