Teitzel’s Supa IGA celebrates its 20-year anniversary

Morgan Lundon, the longest serving employee, cutting the 20th ‘Birthday’ cake, with left to right: Craig Teitzel, Morgan Lundon, Lara the Clown, and Ellen-May Teitzel.

A carnival atmosphere prevailed, and festivities were in full swing, last Saturday morning, July 17, at Teitzel’s Supa IGA in Tully, Craig and Ellen-May Teitzel, generously invited locals, and visitors, to celebrate the store’s twentieth anniversary with them.

“The store opened on Saturday, 30 June 2001. I was the General Manager, and it was a chaotic Saturday, with all new and as yet untrained staff,” advised Craig Teitzel. “In 2008, we moved to the Cardwell and ran the IGA there. We then returned to Tully in 2013, when we purchased this store, Teitzel’s Supa IGA.”

Still in its original spot, the store has grown, and Tully ‘born and bred,’ Ellen-May and Craig, have witnessed many changes over the last twenty years, particularly the introduction of organic, vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free food products.

“That is the beauty of being an independent store. We can cater to our customers’ needs,” opined Craig. 

The 20-year Birthday Cake was cut by Morgan Lundon, the only original employee, who has been with the store since it first opened in 2001. 

After the cutting of the cake, the Teitzels announced the winner of the Children’s Jellybean Counting Competition and Zachary Butler won a 10kg bar of Cadbury’s chocolate. The runner-up was Matai Tauli, who won the jar full of jellybeans.

The festivities included a sausage sizzle, music by Nevil Milne, balloon art by Lara the Clown, and the appearance of a Teletubbie (Poe Robertson), all adding to the merry atmosphere. The Teitzels also generously provided show bags for children and adults.

Assisting Craig and Ellen-May Teitzel with the celebrations on Saturday were Stuart Deceveaux (Store Manager), Kyiel Spencer (Fresh Manager) and Sophie Cridland (Service Manager, who has been employed at the store for fifteen years), along with many others. 

Tully is fortunate to have such community-minded businesspeople as the Teitzels, who are willing to share their celebrations and successes, and who so generously support local associations and charities.

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