Supporting Local Businesses and Organisations


I made a commitment in 2020 to ensure that I supported Australian-made first, and, more specifically, I would first frequent businesses in my local area for any product I needed, before looking outside of my community if it was not available. 

I believed that COVID 19 would bring a positive change in priority from members of the community and their elected representatives as the pandemic made it glaringly obvious that strong local support of all business sectors was required to ensure that local residents continued to be employed. 

It is an extremely basic principle: If you do not purchase or otherwise support local businesses, then they cannot afford to retain their employees, or, indeed, may not be able to continue to operate. 

The saddest moments of COVID19 have been when I have heard those in positions to decide whether or not to award a contract, tender, or purchase, to a local business, blatantly, and very publicly assert that they support local businesses, organisations, and our community, and yet do not actually practice what they preach. 

Words are cheap. The community at large, and particularly small business owners, are carefully watching and noting when the rhetoric does not reflect and result in the positive support being spouted.

We live in relatively small, tight-knit communities and their members are not dumb and they are watching, noting, and waiting. Those that support local businesses will in turn be supported when they require it. Those who do not, have only themselves to blame if that support is not forthcoming. 

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