SU Chaplaincy Fundraiser 2021

Guest Speaker, Senior Constable Andrew Carey, sharing the positive impact of his School Chaplain and the need to ensure positive role models for our teenagers.

Recognising the social, emotional, and spiritual support of their local Chaplains, a crowd of supporters attended Life Church Ingham last Saturday morning for a fundraising event in support of SU Chaplaincy.  

The top five issues with which Chaplains discuss and assist students are Friendship / Peer Issues, Bullying / Harassment, Mental Health – Anxiety / Depression, School Behaviour, and Family Breakdown / Parental Separation. 

A main topic that was shared by SU chaplaincy and Guest Speaker Andrew Carey was the increasing need for a stable positive role model in our children’s lives due to the modern working lives of their parents, which reduces the time available for parents to spend with their children.

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