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The players carrying the flag this weekend for the Tigers.

As the 2021 CDRL Senior season finally closed the curtains on another unforgettable year for the Tigers, our Juniors will take the most teams to the Cairns District Junior Rugby League Grand Finals, with three of our sides vying for premiership glory. For such a small town to feature in a treble on title taking day, the whole community is behind our boys to bring home the flags. The three Coaches, who have been trusted with the big task of guiding our great players to the podium, will be cool calm and collected, and that pretty much sums up Jono Taylor, Ben Thompson, and legendary bloke Anthony Emmi. All three mentors are the best people for the job, and if we are to add to our Tigers’ trophy cabinet after Saturday, then these guys will have to be at their best. Coach Emmi was proud that the boys’ hard work has paid off.

“We have done the arduous work, now it’s up to them if they want it,” he stated.

Where one was weary, Coach Taylor said his team will be ready for the opposition this weekend. 

“We have not beaten them yet, so we have a point to prove. We just have to believe!” 

As you would expect, nerves play a part in the build-up, Jono added that there’s some excitement in the air.

“Although it’s a Grand Final, we are still excited to be there, so come the weekend, we’ll be ready.” 

If you want to add theatre to the whole thing, then Hollywood could not have made this storyline up. It is the last play of the game, down by a try. Cometh the man, cometh the player, when ‘rough dirty lil hooker’ Colby Thompson dives over to lock the game up. With the siren sounding, future superstar Cameron Nelson steps up and kicks his team to the decider against Roo’s. 

“Full credit to these boys, they play for each other. It is going to be an interesting game, as both sides like to play aggressive, so expect the unexpected. Training will be just focusing on our roles.”  

So, make sure you make the trek north to support our boys this Saturday in the biggest games of their lives, and restore some rugby league order back in the Tigers jersey. Good luck boys, up the river!

Tully Tigers Grand Final Line-up 

 Anthony Emmi Ben Thompson

U/15s U/16s

1.  Ben Roebuck1.  Rennic Purcell
2.  Phoenix Fraser Cairns2.  Teariki Scott
3.  Reece Durighello3.  Brett Brunello
4.  Logan Deloryn4.  Malachai Donaldson
5.  Raymond Amosa5.  Dominic Kennedy
6.  Xavier Carlaw6.  Braithan Ketchell
7.  Marly Helion7.  Isacc Stagg
8.  Riley Congoo8.  Jason Hallie
9.  Cohen Emmi9.  Colby Thompson
10. Jesse Peck10. Mitchell Frost
11. Jamie Muriata11. Jace Taylor
12. Ezekeil Ivey12. Jack Lodge
13. Phillip Coppens13. Cameron Nelson
14. Samuel Leo14. Logan Peach
15. Graham Jeffrey15. Jayvee Field
16. Dylan Cunningham16. Ben Roebuck
17. Tureti Ryder17. Marly Helion
18.18. Jordias Aruda

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