Sixth Hinchinbrook Birdlife Art Awards

The night’s hosts Councillor Mary Brown, Councillor Andrew Lancini, and Rita Sinclair.

Held last Friday night at the TYTO Art Gallery and now in its sixth year, the Hinchinbrook Birdlife Art Awards night was another well attended event hosted by the Hinchinbrook Regional Council. By focusing on birdlife within the Hinchinbrook region, it allows those who attend to catch a glimpse of what might be on offer in the TYTO Wetlands. The TYTO Wetlands is a 110-hectare rehabilitated wetland area and is home to unique flora and fauna, which include over 240 species of birds

This year had hundreds of entries from around Australia, with the furthest coming from Perth. 

The winners on the night:

Section 1 – Painting: The Lions Roar by Rek (17).

Section 2 – Watercolour: The Choir by Claire Randall (36), with a special mention for Tread Lightly by Steve Hawkins (34).

Section 3 – Mixed Media: Family by Isabelle (44), with special mentions for Rainforest Rendezvous by Sarah Swan (56) and The King by Rek (55).

Section 4 – Drawing: Southern Cassowary by John Benfer (64), with special mention for Touchdown at Sunset by Heather Byrne.

Section 5 – Works on Paper: Waking Up by Laura Castell.

Section 6 – Photography: Silhouette Sunbird by Sharon Cislowski (84), with special mentions for Pelican on the Water by Anita Brown (81) and Capture by John Benfer (80).

Section 7 – Ceramics: You’ll Be a Laughing Pot by Warren Ogden (94).

Section 8 – Sculptural Form: Frogmouth by Ellen Terrell (102).

Local Artist: Peck by David Rowe (101).

Overall Award: Lady with A Quail by Catherine Ogden (100).

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