Silkwood State School celebrates NAIDOC

Bea Buttrose (relief Librarian) received the kind donation of books to Silkwood State School from Mandubarra Aboriginal Land and Sea representatives, Naomi Epong and Sharon Casey.

SILKWOOD State School recently held NAIDOC celebrations, which included a Fun Day for Under 8s in the morning and then activities for the upper school in the afternoon.

The morning activities for the Under 8s included an obstacle course, traditional games, dot painting, making witchetty grubs, dancing, traditional stories, and badge making, with Aboriginal Elders.

In the afternoon, the upper school participated in basket weaving, damper making, traditional games, and spinning tops.

This year’s theme is ‘Heal Country,’ which calls for stronger measures to recognise, protect, and maintain all aspects of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and heritage.

Representatives from Mandubarra, Naomi Epong and Sharon Casey, donated ten copies of their book titled ‘Mandubarra Sea Country Cultural Values’ to the school library.

The school community thanks the Mandubarra people for taking the time to come along and share their knowledge of the region with the students.

“I even learned a lot about the ‘Sea Country’ myself during their visit,” said Principal, Chris Cattarossi.

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