Silkwood Clay Target Club hosts annual Cancer Council Charity Shoot

SCTC President Duncan Sutherland (right) presented a cheque to Maria Sabadini from Innisfail Cancer Council branch for breast and prostate cancer research.

LAST Sunday, Silkwood Clay Target Club held their annual Cancer Council Charity Shoot, which raised funds for breast and prostate cancer research.

Maria Sabadini, Selinder Atwal, Doug and Bruna Juhas, who are volunteers from Queensland Cancer Council Innisfail branch, were in attendance.

Results were as follows:

Event 1 – 25 Double Barrel

AA – 1st: Chris Santarossa, Duncan Sutherland, Barry Bosworth, and William Bosworth, all 25/25.

A – 1st: Andrew Casella 25/25; 2nd: Ned Di Salvo, Angelo Russo, George Bugeja, John Stella, and Mario Raccanello, all 24/25.

B – 1st: Michael Heidenreich and Patrick Wilkins, 24/25.

C – 1st: Peter Neilsen, 23/25; 2nd: Kyle Heidenreich, 20/25.

Event 2 – 30 Target Medley

AA – 1st: Ron Gough, 75/75; 2nd: Barry Bosworth, 72/75 (Shoot off).

A – 1st: George Bugeja, 49/50; 2nd: Mario Raccanello, 48/50.

B – 1st: Patrick Wilkins, 48/50; 2nd: Alf Strano, 47/50.

C – 1st: Peter Neilsen, 42/50; 2nd: Kyle Heidenreich, 38/50.

Event 3 – 50 Target Point Score

AA – 1st: William Bosworth, 206/207; 2nd: Ron Gough. 205/207 (Shoot off); 3rd: Michael Thurston. 155/159.

A – 1st: Angelo Russo, 146/150; 2nd: Mario Raccanello, 144/150; 3rd: Ned Di Salvo, 142/150.

B – 1st: Sandra Crapella, 137/150; 2nd: Michael Heidenreich, 132/150; 3rd: Patrick Wilkins, 130/150.

C – 1st: Kyle Heidenreich, 129/150; 2nd: Peter Neilsen, 127/150.

Event 4 – 25 Target Handicap

1st: William Bosworth, 25/25; 2nd: Mario Raccanello, 42/43; 3rd: Chris Santarossa, 36/38 (Shoot off).

Special thanks to Tehel Hayman-Rubach, who spent the evening before the shoot preparing chocolate dipped strawberries for all the fathers at Silkwood Clay Target Club. It was a very thoughtful gesture, and they were enjoyed by all.

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