Silkwood Clay Target Club Annual Shoot

Silkwood Clay Target Club Annual Shoot High Gun Grade winners with prizes donated by local sponsors.

NINETY-NINE competitors attended Silkwood Clay Target Club’s and SACOA Annual shoot held last weekend.

The club welcomed visitors from Tasmania, Portland, Victoria, Bermagui, New South Wales, including annual visitors Phil and Michelle Craig.

There were also shooters from Newcastle, Tamworth, Guyra, New South Wales, Rockhampton, Mackay, Bowen, Burdekin, Townsville, Mundubbera (Gayndah Club), Atherton, Cooktown, Charters Towers, Herbert River and St Helens.

Days before the event, a dozen or so caravans parked themselves at the club and supported local businesses.  The weather was perfect on Saturday and overcast Sunday but it never affected the shooting results which were very high.

Results were as follows:

Day 1

Event 1 – 45 Target Medley

Overall winner: Corey Tremlett (Rockhampton) 75/75 (75/75) Shoot off

AA – 1st: Aaron Lemphers 75/75 (74/75); 2nd: Duncan Sutherland 75/75 (50/52); 3rd: Nathan Thurston 75/75 (48/50) All shoot offs

A – 1st: Gil Alvero 73/75; 2nd: Frank Scamnello 72/75 (24/25); 3rd: Col Edgerton (Bowen) 72/75 (23/25) Shoot off

B – 1st: Michael Heritage (Mount Isa) 72/75 (24/25); 2nd: Rob Mikkelsen (Townsville) 72/75 (16/25) Shoot off; 3rd: Robert Sapuppo 70/75

C – 1st: Patrick Wilkins 68/75; 2nd: Scott Harper 64/75; 3rd: Brett Coulthard 62/75

Event 2 – 30 Target Point Score

Overall winner: Tony Caruso (Burdekin) 90/90

AA – 1st: Nathan Thurston 89/90 (6/6); 2nd: Barry Lansdown 89/90 (5/6) Shoot off; 3rd: Bruce Murphy (Townsville) 88/90 (18/18) Shoot off

A – 1st: Frank Scamnello 89/90; 2nd: Michael Heritage 88/90 (6/6); 3rd: Frankie Robinson (Gayndah Club) 88/90 (5/6) Shoot off

B – 1st: Rob Mikkelsen 85/90; 2nd: Isaac Sebastiani 84/90; 3rd: Tehel Hayman-Rubach 82/90

C – 1st: Scott Harper 81/90 (3/3); 2nd: Peter Scott (Townsville) 81/90 (0/3); 3rd: Dennis Chizzotti (Atherton) 78/90

Event 3 – 50 Target Double Barrel

Overall winner: Corey Tremlett 50/50 (51/51)

AA – 1st: Steve Rosendahl (Herbert River) 50/50 (50/51) Shoot off; 2nd: Wayne Cislowski (Burdekin) 50/50 (38/39); 3rd: Sam Waugh (Townsville) 50/50 (24/25) Shoot off

A – 1st: Michael Jones (St Helens) 49/50 (32/32); 2nd: Steven Ryder (Townsville) 49/50 (31/32); 3rd: Luke Zammit 49/50 (23/24) Shoot off

B – 1st: Alf Strano 50/50; 2nd: Alex Seawright 49/50; 3rd: Maurizio Nadalin 47/50

C – 1st: Michael Porter 46/50; 2nd: Peter Scott 45/50; 3rd: Dennis Chizzotti 44/50

Day 2

Event 4 – 30 Target Handicap

1st: Ben Beazley (Townsville) 30/30 (2/2)

2nd: Corey Tremlett 30/30 (1/2)

3rd: Angelo Russo 29/30 (17/17)

4th: Alf Strano 29/30 (16/17)

5th: Bryan Sanderson (Atherton) 29/30 (14/15)

Event 5 – 50 Target Continental Double Barrel

Overall: Ron Gough 50/50 (104/104)

AA – 1st: Nathan Thurston 50/50 (103/104) Shoot off; 2nd: Ben Beazley 50/50 (65/66); 3rd: Jar Smaniotto 50/50 (29/30) Shoot off

A – 1st: Col Edgerton 49/50; 2nd: Joe Sebastiani 48/50 (26/26); 3rd: Ross Aston 48/50 (25/26)

B – 1st: Nick Pattinson 48/50; 2nd: Alex Seawright 47/50; 3rd: Isaac Sebastiani 46/50

C – 1st: Peter Neilsen 46/50; 2nd: Joe Collins 45/50; 3rd: Dean Kann 44/50

High Gun winners

Overall High Gun: Nathan Thurston

AA Grade: Corey Tremlett

A Grade: Michael Heritage

B Grade: Alex Seawright

C Grade: Scott Harper

Ladies High Gun: Kristin Williams (Cooktown)

Junior High Gun: Riley Mikkelsen (Townsville)

Veteran High Gun: Duncan Sutherland

Ron Gough Achievement Award: Tehel Hayman-Rubach

The club especially wished to thank the following sponsors for their generosity and outstanding support which made the weekend a huge success.

HeliServices Queensland, Coastal Marine & Outdoors, JAM Engineering, Daradgee Welding Works, GF Rural Supplies, Incitec, Visy, Marlin Blue, Ross Cannon, Adama Australia, NQ Power Equipment, Tropic Coast Farming, Pizzo’s, AIM Plant Services, Bronze Wing Ammunition, Coastal Backhoe Services, PJT Harvesters, Brothers Leagues Club Innisfail, NQAS, Town and Country AG Services, Seasol, Joe Collins, QMAC Machinery, Hall’s Firearms, Liddles Aerial Spraying, Kane Pumping & Irrigation, Soilsfirst, Honeycombes, Barry Lansdown, Peter and Liane Robertson, Tyre Plus, Bunnings, IBS, Liquourland, Cairns Hardware, Marano’s Fuel, Cumic Steel, Goodyear, Ron Gough, Cardwell Traders, Blairs Mufflers and Aluminium, Coastal Farm & Motorcycles, Island Coast Holden, Arming The Nation Firearms Training (Aaron Lemphers), Queensland Steel & Equipment Tully, North Coast Machinery and Silvano Zorzetto.

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