Silkwood Bowls Club


Saturday, May 29                                               

Division 3 Pennants:  

Two teams from Innisfail travelled to the Silkwood Bowls Club to play against two of its teams.  All teams excelled and played their best.  Congratulations to Innisfail ‘s Team 1 and Silkwood’s Team 2 for their wins!  Commiserations to Innisfail who lost in the total score by 4 shots, with Innisfail on 36 and Silkwood Bowls Club on 40. 

Team 1: Innisfail bowlers: N. Auchello, P. Smith, B. Chaplain, and D. Irwin, 25.

Team 1: Silkwood bowlers: B. Joseph, R. Newell, D. Dunne, and D. Gauci, 15.

Team 2: Innisfail bowlers: Wazza, J. Patterson, J. Kremastos, and D. Juhas, 11.

Team 2 Silkwood bowlers: A. Hudson, T. Cates, B. Green, and B. Brooks, 25.

Sunday, May 30

Due to rain, no bowls were played.

Wednesday, June 02

Social Bowls

Denise Charman and Alan Hudson defeated Brian Brooks and Anna Della Bella, 23/19.

Ann Hollingsworth and “Dutchy” drew with Lee Mayell and Delmo Tarditi, 25/25.

For those who want to experience the fun and challenges of lawn bowls, we offer FREE COACHING LESSONS.  Age has no limit!

Every Friday night we have our traditional BBQ Barefoot Bowls

Our contact number is 0459 211 552.  If in doubt of play, please give us a call.  All are welcome!

SBC members and those who wish to join us, the Annual Membership fees is $100.00.  

For second club members, the yearly fee is $ 20.00. 

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