Sunday, August 15

Who would have thought that it would be possible to get in a game with all that rain! But miraculously, the rain stopped in time to start our social bowling. Sixteen bowlers had a lovely time on the green and celebrated Jeannette Bucklar’s birthday at the same time.

The Team of Greg Matfin, Denis Donovan, and Russ Marsden defeated the Team of Ron Giveen, Cyril Large, and Tony Cates, 24/16.

The Team of Daniel Gauci, Glen Harvey, and Delmo Tarditi defeated the Team of Terry Corcoran, Bev Marsden, and Annette Gauci, 23/21.

The Team of Graeme Wallace and Jan Harvey defeated the Team of Alan Hudson and Barry Green, 26/20. 

Wednesday, August 18

It was so good to see twenty bowlers having such a fun time, regardless of the outcome of the final score.

The Team of Delmo Tarditi, Kerry Donovan, and Greg Cottrel defeated the Team of Denis Donovan, Jan Harvey, and Tim Wallis, 27/18.

The Team of ‘Dutchy’ and Jean Matfin defeated Terry Corcoran and ‘Dutchy,’ 24/22.

The Team of Graeme Wallace, Howard Moulange, and Cyrill Large defeated the Team of Greg Matfin, Rob Nowell, and Alan Hudson, 36/9.

The Team of Ron Giveen and Anna Della Bella / Barry Green defeated the Team of Glen Harvey and Jean Messina, 25/12.

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