The week at Silkwood Bowls Club     

Sunday, July 25

Kind weather allowed us to execute two functions at the bowls club this Sunday and welcome fifty-four bowlers. They were Social Bowls, with our beloved holiday friends and the TFNQ Mixed Pennants’ Semi-Finals in the morning, and the most important Final in the afternoon.

Social Bowls

Graeme Wallace, Lee Mayell, and Rob Nowell defeated Terry Corcoron, Alan Hudson, and Cyril Large, 23/18.

Dennis Donovan, Eddie Rick, and Tony Cates defeated Daniel Gauci, Jean Matfin, and Delmo Tarditi, 26/17.

Ron Giveen, Barry Green, and Tim Wallis defeated Greg Matfin, Judy Barrett, and Ann Hollingsworth, 21/12.

“Dutchy” and Rob Prector defeated Rex Whitiker and Shirley Noble, 37/14.

TFNQ Mixed Pennants Semi-Finals and the deciding Final in the Afternoon

The semi-final between Marlin Coast, Atherton, South Johnstone, and Edmonton resulted in the elimination of Marlin Coast and Atherton. The remaining teams Edmonton and South Johnstone fiercely competed to bring home the trophy.

Congratulations Edmonton for taking this year’s trophy, with a score of 24 over South Johnstone on 19. We hope you enjoyed your games as much as we enjoyed your visit to our green.

Tuesday, July 27, TFNQDLBA Final 4’s

Semi Final Results: Brothers Edmonton defeated Tully and Silkwood defeated Marlin Coast.

The Final play off between Brothers Edmonton and Silkwood resulted in a win to Silkwood by 1 shot.

Well done Silkwood and thank you to Carmel De Zen from Mareeba for making up the fourth player   

for Silkwood. 

Congratulation to our SBC players, Carmel De Zen, Lee Mayell, Jean Messina, and Denise Charman.

Wednesday, July 28, Social Bowls

Twenty Bowlers enjoyed a wonderful afternoon and gave their best to play top games.

Denise Charman and Ann Hollingsworth drew even with Ron Giveen and Cyril Large, 19 all.

Graham Stewart and Mirella Berryman defeated Delmo Tarditi and Tim Wallis, 29/13.

Len Charman, Anna Della Bella, and Lee Mayell defeated Dennis Donovan, Shirley Noble, and Velia Stewart, 28/15.

“Dutchy,” Kerry Donovan, and Steve Hunter defeated Graeme Wallace, Alan Hudson, and John Pannach, 21/13.                           

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