Shared Heart for Torres Weka

Grace Sebona, Darren Raimo, Viana Fave, Arthur Sebona, Toru Weka, Lausi Weka and Juda Memafu.

A shared love for Torres Weka drew a crowd to the Maraka Stage in Ingham’s Rotary Park last Saturday.

It has been one year since Torres passed away in a car accident. Torres worked at Abergowrie and was on his way home when his car veered off the road. 

Hundreds including friends and family came together to celebrate Torres’ life and their shared passion for Christ. They shared stories of how their friend was the kind of man who was able to speak to kings and thieves and spoke of his sincere love for people.  He was a caring person and loved by all who knew him.  

Pastor shared a story of how Torres stopped for his friend when he saw him on the side of the road.  He did not realise it was his darkest day.  His young friend was homeless and contemplating ending his life.  However, because Torres stopped to help, the young man felt hope and love, which gave him the strength to keep going.   

Ywam helped the Weka family organise the event. People came from Cairns, Ayr, Townsville, Ingham and Abergowrie to meet in Rotary Park.  People from many different cultures and backgrounds came together to share in food and dance and to celebrate Torres’ life.  

Judah Romney was one of the acts who performed and like many in attendance he came to sing for his ‘brother’ Torres.   

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