Shane Muriata 20th Column


When the dust finally settled, the cows went home, and the Roosters finished yelling out, get up, everybody. I guess the only question left that has to be asked “Where the bloody hell does Qld go from here?  Ok, I will not beat around the bushes here, but dam, I don’t know if Queensland can come back from this. NSW dominated in every part of the game, including the warm-up, shoe fitting and hairstyles. I don’t care if anyone likes this opinion, but Daley Cherry Evans was crap. He ran sideways all night; his option was none existence, and his face looked more lost than a bigfoot Yeti of Americas Got Talent singing Slim Dusty. Cameron Munster was not any better with the ball in his hands, but his kicking game was spot on when kicking players, that is. 

We can moan and groan until the cows come in, but our forwards did not aim up. NSW was all over us, and once we got behind, well, it was over before I could ‘Fat lady singing’. Turbo was electric, Mitchell was dynamite, and well Cleary and his halves partner were playing like they were in the backyard against a group of wombats; such was our lack of movement. The one thing I will say is that surely, we can’t give that performance again, because that was unworthy of a Qld jumper. I was one of the lucky ones who attended the game in Townsville, and boy, was it everything I hoped for minus the scoreboard. Let’s hope our boys can make it around for game 2 to save the series. 

It was billed as one of the biggest things to happen in Tully since the Hayley’s Comet pulled into our servo station for a Maxi Burger, and boy did Saturday nights footy deliver when the Innisfail Leprechaun and the Tully Tigers did battle at the Tully Showgrounds. 

The start of the day belonged to the Women CDRL when the Yarrabah Seahawks and the Innisfail Leps side clashed in the rain, with Innisfail running away with the game in the end. The machine that is the Tully Tigers under 18s side keeps on rolling, notching up their 6th win of the season and taking the second spot on the CDRL ladder. As luck would have it, they played the team leading the 18s comp, the Ivanhoe’s Knights of Smithfield, in what will be the top of the table clash of the weekend. It was business as usual for the giant slayer Thomas Busch and bash brother Jerome Ketchell who monstered the Leps. Andrew Leo and Darian Burton continued to carve up in the halves, but it was winger Bryson Beeron putting on a show for the fans. He was seen flying high, leaping tall buildings, running faster than a train and even scoring tries that did not look possible. 

Not to be outdone, Zackary Ketchell made sure no one forgot his name as he got in on the act. My boy Jonas Gumbo continues to grow strong every game, and I will make sure to get his name right this weekend, aunty Cuss. Special mention to the terminator Morgan Black, one of the fittest players I have ever encountered. Keep up the great work, Morgan. The score ended up 22-0 to the Tigers, but more must be done for this weekend game. The Tully Tigers Reserve Grade could be granted the unluckiest team in the comp after last Saturday’s game as everything went against them. Bad class, close calls and missed calls were the order of the day, but coach Barret remains upbeat. “We let the one getaway. We need to be more consistent, so hopefully, we get our mojo back sooner rather than later.” The A grade game was the most heartbreaking one for our Tigers as this was the first time we fielded a strong team. Former Tiger himself, Leon Hallie was the only person who could make sense of that game. “We completed. Too many mistakes from them, but they will trouble some teams, so keep your heads up”. The season has nearly reached halfway, so it’s time for some teams to make a run now if they want to feature in September. 

Massive thanks to one Jane Henley and Mrs Murphy from Igguldens for helping a hopeless uncle trying to buy a present for a toddler’s birthday. It was a scene straight out of a movie with the dude not knowing what to buy, agreeing on everything they say and walking out happy that he eventually bought something that the family loved. Thanks, ladies, so glad our community has special people like you in it, and thanks to Igguldens clothing. I was popular when I turned up with my presents on Saturday. Also, a massive Happy 40th Birthday to my brother Ben Muriata. You are one of the most loyal friends a brother could ask for, and I will always be there for you, mate. Catch up for a beer on the weekend.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

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