Rotary: 80 years supporting Tully

The Golden Gumboot completed in 2002, The Sugar Pioneers display 2009-2010.

Hotel Tully: The Top Pub will be hosting a special event this Saturday night to commemorate the last 80 years of the Rotary Service Club in Tully.  There are many projects in the Tully region that can be attributed to the Tully Rotary.  

There is a standing joke amongst Rotarians that Tully is starting to sink into the ground under the weight of Rotary commemorative plaques. 

The Golden Gumboot, The Sugar Pioneers display, and the Town Entrance features are standout joint projects between Tully Rotary and other service clubs, organisations and corporate entities.

This wonderful ongoing support has enabled the Rotary Club of Tully to pass back to the Tully Community projects and infrastructure with an estimated current day value of possibly more than four million dollars ($4,000,000).

Joining Rotary is catching up with mates whilst contributing to your community.

80 years down, but the best is yet to come. 

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