Robert Astorquia recognised with Etty Bay Surf Life Saving Club Lifetime Contribution Award

Robert Astorquia (fifth from right) celebrated his Lifetime Contribution award with members and past and present rowers of Etty Bay Surf Life Saving Club.

ETTY Bay Surf Life Saving Club presented a Lifetime Contribution Award to one of their life members, Robert Astorquia.


He was acknowledged for over 40 years of dedicated service to surf sports, specifically surf boat rowing and sweeping of surfboats.


Members, including past and present rowers, expressed their appreciation to Robert Astorquia for his wonderful contribution of over 40 years to Etty Bay SLSC.


He was presented with a unique boat oar, prepared by Marty Cook and Russell Signage & Printery, which was presented by David Jones and Ken Hall.

Astorquia’s grandfather was one of the founding members of Etty Bay SLSC. His father Ron was an active member and strong competitor, as well as a member of the R & R team who claimed a gold medal at the Queensland State Championships in 1949. 


Robert has always had a real passion for surf boats and his two sons were also club members, who came up through Nippers and rowed as juniors. 


All club members have all witnessed his tenacity, desire to row well, determination to be the best and, most of all, his desire to win. 


Robert’s greatest legacy is how he brings people together, which was evident in the incredible flow on effect this had on membership, how his crews trained, and all it entailed. 


These traits can still be seen today in the friendships and skills of club members near and far, past and present, and lives on through some of the members of these crews, who are still actively involved with the club today. 


For most of the 40 years that he was involved with sweeping crews, Astorquia had an ‘A’ Grade crew, who normally would start rowing around August and finish in April the following year (after contesting the Australian titles). 

These crews would normally do four to five boat training sessions a week for nine months of the year, all which Astorquia swept, and this does not include all the hours spent at carnivals. 


Quite often, Astorquia also had multiple crews (reserve grade or juniors etc) rowing and one year the club had seven crews, four of which were swept by Robert. 


Not only did Astorquia co-ordinate the training and sweeping of the crews and sweeps, but he ensured the boats and trailers were well maintained and were equipped with the most up-to-date gear/equipment. 


So, at a humble calculation, he has volunteered more than 7,500 hours of his time to surf boat rowing. 


Astorquia lays claim to having missed only two training sessions during this whole time, once because ‘someone’ picked the boat up, and the other due to an alarm clock failure, which is code for “sorry boys, I’m not going to make it today.”

Remarkably, this does not include all those hours he put in as a patrolling member, Club President, or his junior involvement with his sons as JAC and Coach. 

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