Quinton Smith wins first Muay Thai Queensland professional fight

Quinton Smith (left) in his professional Muay Thai fight against Jason Scott. Photo: Emily Barker - FNQ Raw Media & Photography

LOCAL fighter, Quinton Smith, from Fusion Fight and Fitness Innisfail, has won his first Muay Thai Queensland professional 65kg fight as an adult in Cairns.

He was up against Jason Scott, aged 23, from Team Pinky Muay Thai, Adelaide, in the Elite Fight Series hosted by Explosive Fight Promotions held at Cairns State High School’s Bou-Wa Hall.

The semi event on the fight card was held over three by three-minute rounds, and Smith, aged 18, defeated his opponent on unanimous points to be crowned champion and took home the trophy and purse.

In the first minute of the bout, Smith sized up his opponent, who kept looking for the clinch. 

Smith did not want a part of this, so kept hooking and pivoting out of the clinch, as well as landing his lethal combinations.

Halfway through the first round, Scott walked into the right elbow of Smith, followed by a swift kick to the liver, which buckled Scott, as his ribs had been cracked and subsequently resulted in an eight count from the referee.

Smith also inflicted a cut above his opponent’s left eye.

During the first round, Smith swept up his opponent and dumped him on the canvas three or four times.

The second round was more of the same, with Scott wanting to clinch and trying to drop knees whilst in the clinch.

Smith was too smart and really started hitting out with a spinning elbow and dropped Scott three times with accurate blows.

Despite carrying injuries, Scott kept pushing forward strongly, but he was unable to size up Smith.

Before the third round, things were getting heated in Team Pinky’s corner, with the Coaches trying to get Scott geed up.

Scott came out firing in the third and final round, however Smith kept hooking and pivoting each time.

Although Scott was hit with a spinning elbow by Smith, he wore it and kept coming forward. 

Smith shuffled and let fly with a long uppercut, which sent Scott’s mouthguard flying.

Smith dropped his opponent once or twice in the third round, and although Scott was starting to struggle, he continued but had no answers to Smith’s responses. 

After the fight, Scott commented that Smith was the toughest and most unorthodox opponent he had ever fought as he could not read him.

Smith’s Muay Thai record now stands at 32 fights, 28 wins, and four losses.

Smith especially wished to thank his Coaches, sponsors, and fans and supporters who travelled to Cairns to cheer him on.

His sponsors are Carana Hair & Beauty, Batze Electrical, Punch Equipment Australia, Woop Clothing, and Blood Brothers MMA.

In between his Muay Thai fights, Smith is looking to secure some boxing fights and has been sparring with local Golden Gloves champion, Kevin Simpson.

Smith will now set his sights on the NT Fight Series in Darwin on September 4, where he will fight ‘Lionheart’ from Alice Springs, who has over 50 fights, and both will be vying for a Light Welterweight 68kg state title and purse.

Smith has also locked in a Fight World Cup title fight with Alfie Smith from Bloodshed Brisbane in November on the Gold Coast, with a sizable purse up for grabs.

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