QLD Mandates a new low on our personal freedoms


After recent announcements this week from the Queensland Government, Member for Hill Shane Knuth has expressed his outrage as the State moves to segregate anyone who has not been vaccinated or are still considering their personal health choice.


Mr Knuth said the reality is that the Government has taken away our freedoms and are now patting themselves on the back for returning what we always had while banishing the unvaccinated from almost every facet of life.


“The announcement is un-Australian and have sunk us into the greatest form of dictatorship,” Mr Knuth said.


He said that the Government was pretending that this was also about getting business back on track, which has turned out the complete opposite.


“Businesses are telling me that they have staff who are medically unable to get vaccinated and will now lose valuable employees because of the governments mandate.”


“The question is, will the Government compensate these businesses?”


“The tourism industry, cafes, pubs and clubs have already suffered enough and are now feeling pressured to enforce and police patrons visiting their premises.”


Mr Knuth said that since the beginning of the pandemic, the KAP has stood for personal freedoms and the freedom to choose to be vaccinated or unvaccinated.


“Rather than enforcement, the Government should look at a number of countries overseas where unvaccinated residents are still able to be a part of the community if they are able to present an up-to-date negative COVID-19 test result,” he said.

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