Noorla Ladies’ Bowls


Social Results – Wednesday, July 14  

J. Gigente, C. Pizzi, P. Poggio, and K. Wegert (18) defeated M. Todd, C. Hewett, B. Smallbon, and S. Cotton (16). 

H. Magennis, G. Bison,  A. La Rosa, and R. Peterson (30) defeated D. Moggan, V. Raiteri, J. Vezzoli, and G. Byrns (5).

The winner was S. Cotton’s Team.

Championship Triples – Wednesday, July 14 

C. Pizzi, S. Pizzi, and C. Mugica (33) defeated C. Hewett, J. Aranas, and A. Fudriga (15)

G. Bison, C. Kirby, and R. Rose (25) defeated N. Mancuso, M. Bandiera, and C. Ellems (20). 

The next round of Triples will be held on July 28, at 8.30am.

J. Aranas Smoko.

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