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Dutton Street Bridge

The Federal Government has agreed to fund the construction of a crossing over Palm Creek along the Dutton Street road alignment as part of its flood resilience strategy for the Ingham township.  The bridge will be built at a height of approximately 2.5 meters over the current street alignment. This height commensurates with the high bank adjacent to the Ingham Hospital. The purpose of the bridge is to improve connectivity within Ingham which is cut in two by floodwater when the river levels reach 12.44 meters at the Ingham Pump Station. This connection is critical for several reasons including disaster management agency resourcing. At present, agencies including Queensland Police, Queensland Ambulance, Fire and Rescue, and the SES are required to pre-deploy resources on both sides of Palm Creek before flooding which is quite taxing on resources. It has also been a long-standing concern that two of Ingham’s three aged care facilities are located on the opposite side of Palm Creek to the Ingham Hospital which proves difficult for patient transfer in times of flood. The bridge will not provide total flood immunity as it will not be passable once floodwaters submerge McIlwraith Street, Ingham. However, to put that into perspective, since the year 2000 access through Herbert Street has been prevented a total of nine times whilst trafficability on McIlwraith Street has only been interrupted by floodwater on one occasion.  Council thanks the Federal Government for its support of the construction and acknowledges the contribution of the Queensland State Government for funding the designs and plans for the bridge following a commitment by Premier Anna Palaszczuk on her visit to Ingham during the 2018 flood events.

Canegrowers Herbert River Radio

Whether you are in the office, on the road, or in the tractor, you can listen to a great mix of music, local news, and information via the Canegrowers Herbert River Website. For further information or to tune in, please visit www.herbertrivercanegrowers.com.au and click the Canegrowers Herbert River Radio button on the homepage.

Council would like to congratulate the following prize winners of the $25,000 Monster Raffle which was announced at Tasman’s Parkfest. The first-place prize went to Mark Tomba who supported Ingham Sportspower. The second-place prize was awarded to Carole Groundwater who supported Barnes Sewing Centre. Finally, the third-place winner was Cherie Glasgow who supported Ingham Garden and Gifts. The estimated economic spend from the initiative was over $3.2 million with over 13,000 entries received. 

Council would like to thank and recognise the businesses that provide exceptional customer service and participated in the $25,000 Monster Raffle initiative. The Hinchinbrook business who sold the winning entry in each tier was also rewarded with prize monies to be spent in the Shire.  $500 went to Ingham Sportspower. $250 went to Barnes Sewing Centre and finally, $125 went to Ingham Garden and Gifts

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