News in Brief: Schools around the Region


Mission Beach State School

Scarlett, Isabella, Adelaide, Rose, Charlie, Shamayah and Oden showed off their incredible journals about what they did on the weekend to Mrs Robinson! Fantastic work, kids! 

Kennedy State School

Art by Lavinia

I was so thrilled to be welcomed back to Kennedy State School last week, almost exactly a year since their previous mural. 

This small mural celebrates the freshwater creeks in the area and some of the beautiful creatures that call that habitat home; even the saltwater croc made it into the mural as they are often spotted in the creeks! 

The style of the artwork continues that of the enormous mural from last year.

It was terrific to work with the new students who weren’t a part of last year’s mural, but just as exciting to see all the beautiful faces of the kids I worked with last year and how excited they were to be doing another mural.

A little bonus art project was a flying fox-themed night sky mural on the cubby.

Tully State School 

Congratulations to Clancy and Bailee, who have made the 11-12 yrs Peninsula Girl’s Rugby League team. Later on this month, they will travel to Townsville to play against the Region.

2021 Tutti Frutti Cluster Band Concert

Instrumental music students from Tully SS combined with instrumental students from the cluster to create a ‘Mega Band’ at Tully SHS last week with raving reviews! The band consisted of 105 students from Tully SS, Tully SHS, Cardwell SS, Lower Tully SS, Feluga SS and Mission Beach SS.

The concert was a fabulous showcase event highlighting the talents of our outstanding instrumental programs that we have here within the Ulysses cluster.

Cardwell State School

Art Club has started painting ‘Belle’ as part of the Picasso Cow Project. Stay tuned for the unveiling at the end of the term.

St Clare’s School, Tully

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