New KindyLinQ program launched at Innisfail East State School

Teacher Carolyn Teixeira, with children and family members, during a KindyLinQ session at Innisfail East State School.

IN 2021, Innisfail East State School launched KindyLinQ, a new and exciting program, which is the only one of its kind to be offered on the Cassowary Coast.

KindyLinQ is a free, play-based facilitated program for children aged three years (the year before they commence kindergarten).

Youngsters can play, explore, sing, create, and socialise with their parents/carers, other children, and experienced staff, in a safe and welcoming space.

The program offers guidance for families on how they can support their child’s learning and development at home.

“It is so wonderful to see the social and emotional growth of the KindyLinQ kids from the beginning of the program to now. It is amazing to see these shy and quiet little children develop into confident social beings.”

Ms Teixeira, the Teacher of the program said, “The parents and grandparents have also gained so much from the program, and it has been pleasing to see them playing, creating, reading, and working with their child instead of doing it for them.”

KindyLinQ activities are run by qualified staff members Ms Teixeira, Ms Walker, and Ms Loretta.

Children will learn valuable skills to support them now and later in their learning journey.

This includes socialising, managing their emotions, and developing language skills, to ensure they can effectively communicate their ideas and needs.

The mums, dads, and grandparents, who attend KindyLinQ with the children, agree it is a fun and very interactive program.

One grandparent said, “I love the structure of the program and the friendliness of the group. Great kids!”

The program is guided by the Early Years Learning Framework and is separate from the curriculum expectations of school-age children.

It also assists in connecting families with approved kindergarten providers.

“Another lovely thing that has come out of this program is the development of friendships amongst the KindyLinQ families. They are such a friendly crew, and it is nice to think that they will keep in contact as they take their children on to Kindy together,” commented Ms Teixeira, the Program Teacher.

There have been fun times at KindyLinQ playing with foam sand, and playdough. It has been great finding out about dinosaurs, especially about the Stegosaurus.

The kids at KindyLinQ explored the story ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar,’ which had them following a trail only to discover a caterpillar of their own on the KindlyLinQ fence.

KindyLinQ is open to all local families, not just those likely to attend Innisfail East State School.

The program is held on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, from 10.00am – 12.00pm, at Innisfail East State School’s Preschool building.

Parents/carers should bring a hat, sunscreen, and water bottle for their child/children.

Parents with children aged two and a half to three and a half years are invited to join the KindyLinQ family, with the invitation extended to younger siblings to attend with them as well.

For further information on KindyLinQ, please contact the school on 4078 0111.

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